Welcome to the CNA National Warranty Corporation Website (“Website”); we respect your privacy. This Privacy Policy describes the information collection procedures and use of such information by CNA National Warranty Corporation (“CNA National”).  Protection of your nonpublic, personal information is a matter of great importance to CNA National and its affiliates. We appreciate the trust that you have in us, and we protect that trust by continuing to respect the privacy of all Website users and contract holders.

Certain information is collected automatically, when you visit the Website to read or browse through the Website material.
“Cookies” are text files placed in your computer’s browser to store certain preferences and information, which may enhance your browsing experience on the Website. CNA National does not use Cookies to track or collect personal identification information from website users. If you desire, instructions for your browser will allow you to make certain settings on your computer to warn you before a Cookie is stored, block all Cookies or erase Cookies from your hard drive.

CNA National utilizes “Google Analytics” a service provided by Google to collect and store basic data for website traffic, including but not limited to, browser type and device used, location and user agent string.  The information stored from Google Analytics does not include personally identifiable information.

Other information is collected when you volunteer to identify yourself, and provide requested information.
You may choose to fill out certain forms or online data requests, which provide your name, phone number, e-mail address and related information. CNA National uses this information to respond to your questions and requests, and in some cases to pass the information through to third parties for appropriate action and adjudication.

All of the consumer input and customer data collected by CNA National is stored in a secure content management system on CNA National-owned servers to protect against unauthorized use and access. The information is only accessible by those with the administrative rights to the content management system.

CNA National does not sell or license personal information to third parties.

Special note to Parents:
All CNA National websites are restricted to persons 13 years or older. CNA National has no intention to collect any personal information, voluntary or involuntary, from children or any person below the age of 13.

Whom to Contact Regarding Privacy Matters
If you have any questions regarding privacy matters, you may contact us by phone at 800-345-0191, extension 408, or by e-mail at or by mail addressed to CNA National Warranty Corporation, 4150 North Drinkwater Blvd., Suite 400, Scottsdale, AZ 85251, Attn: Privacy Manager.

CNA National and its affiliates include the following:
CNA National Warranty Corporation
Continental Service Plan, Inc.
Continental Service Provider, Inc.
The Continental Insurance Company
CNA National Warranty Corporation-Florida